Best Big Data Trainers Chennai

Best Big data Trainers Chennai

Make your data make sense

The challenge with going from the historical, retrospective analysis value proposition of big data to one centered on action, however, is that it raises the stakes. And, the more real-time those actions, the greater both the risk and the reward. Best big data trainers chennai

In this data-driving-action world, the veracity of the data and understanding how you will use it to make a decision or take action becomes a strategic imperative.

“Decision making involves the people that are making the decision as well as the data [used to make those decisions],” explained diwo’s Rana. “So a cognitive system needs to model both — not just the data.”

Best big data trainers chennai @Dataz

With the stakes raised, the need to understand the data itself becomes a critical capability and pathway to realizing value from it.

“When you ingest massive loads of data, you’re creating huge amounts of ‘dark data’ — data you don’t know about,” shared GE’s Goel. “This is where companies like Io-Tahoe come into play. They provide insights on data. Before you can get insights based on the analysis of the data, you need insights on the data itself.”

More importantly, however, this need to understand data goes beyond things like data lineage and governance. What becomes essential — particularly when you are taking actions based on this data — is to understand your data in context and in relationship to other data.

Best big data trainers chennai @Dataz

“Data ingestion is fundamentally destructive,” expounded Goel. “When you bring data into a data lake, you lose the relationships between the datasets. The value of the dataset is less in the data and more in the relationships. This is where [tools] can help. They help you reconstruct the relationships that used to exist, and help you discover relationships between data in different datasets.”

The future of data and AI

My big take away from Strata is that the data industry is maturing. While some of the technology companies in the space are sticking to the traditional big data ethos and remain focused on the mechanics and technical nuances, many more are recognizing that it is only outcomes and the ability to take action on the data that matter.

The continuing evolution of AI will undoubtedly play a significant role in this maturation — and will likely cause the industry to transform itself again as AI takes root in earnest over the next several years.

Kicking off their coverage of the conference, theCUBE, a live enterprise technology interview show produced by SiliconANGLE Media, hosted an event called The Future of AI. During it, SiliconANGLE’s head of research, Peter Burris, summed up the future of AI this way: “The goal…is to put more data to work.”

Best big data trainers chennai @Dataz

He went on to explain that doing so involves capturing data more effectively, turning it into value — and then using it. As we increasingly turn to AI to use our newly valuable data, he explained, we will need to grapple with its ramifications.

“Because of this notion of action, it forces us to think about a new class of system,” Burris explained. “That new class of system will be called Systems of Agency.”

The idea of systems taking data and acting upon it as the agents of organizations is something that is only now beginning to become a reality. There seems little doubt, however, that this is where all roads are leading.

Best big data trainers chennai @Dataz

As enterprise leaders go down these roads, therefore, it will be essential that they remain steadfastly focused on the value of their data as expressed by their ability to take action with it.

Diwo’s Rana summed it up best, telling me as we wrapped up our conversation, “This is a data conference. But it should be a business value conference.”

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