Building data pipelines with Kinesis Data Firehose and Lambda [ Amazon Web Services Training in chennai @Dataz and Geoinsyssoft ] Because our site already runs on AWS, using an AWS SDK to send […]
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Get Go-ing with Cloud Functions: Go 1.11 is now a supported language Since releasing Node.js and Python as supported languages for Google Cloud Functions this summer, our team has been hard at […]
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HOW SNOWFLAKE ACCELERATES ANALYTICS FOR SAAS DEVELOPERS How to Use Snowflake, Snowflake Technology. Snowflake Training in Chennai When your business delivers analytics as a service, a critical component of your infrastructure is […]
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BigData: Dataz a unit of Geoinsyssoft Presents Big data Training in chennai. best institute for bigdata in chennai Example for RDDs: Creation of new RDDs: scala> case class Customer(name :String,product_name:String,price:Int,country:String,state:String) defined […]
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