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Introduction : More CIOs are turning to an emerging technology practice called robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs. Others see RPA as a stopgap en […]
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MapReduce-based HLQL                              An important characteristic of all the four MapReduce-based HLQL, JAQL, Big SQL, Pig and Hive presented in this paper is that they are not limited to the […]
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Results and discussion This section outlines the runtime environment used for the performance comparison of the four MapReduce-based HLQL. Deep Learning Training in chennai.  The metrics used for making a […]
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High-level MapReduce query languages comparison The four specific MapReduce-based HLQL presented in this paper establish an abstract layer for utilizing the MR programming model. We have chosen to compare JAQL, […]
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MR Processing Model Related work Since its emergence publication in [1], MR processing model has become a criterion of certain analytical tasks. The same authors point out an extensive increase […]
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MapReduce (MR) in Bid data Evaluation of high-level query languages based on MapReduce in Big Data. Big data training in chennai at Dataz. big data programs in chennai  @Dataz Abstract MapReduce […]
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Make your data make sense The challenge with going from the historical, retrospective analysis value proposition of big data to one centered on action, however, is that it raises the […]
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Get Go-ing with Cloud Functions: Go 1.11 is now a supported language Since releasing Node.js and Python as supported languages for Google Cloud Functions this summer, our team has been hard at […]
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HOW SNOWFLAKE ACCELERATES ANALYTICS FOR SAAS DEVELOPERS How to Use Snowflake, Snowflake Technology. Snowflake Training in Chennai When your business delivers analytics as a service, a critical component of your infrastructure is […]
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Apache Spark: Apache Spark is a general-purpose & lightning fast cluster computing system. It provides a high-level API like Java, Scala, Python and R. It is a tool for running […]
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